Is the free casino really free?

If you have ever asked the question that ` is the free casino really free?’ the answer to the same can be found on the countless portals that permit people to play casino games on their site without charging any money. A free casino is just a cover up for the real paid online casino. The free section provides the visitor to get acquainted with the casino games available over there.

Once visitors have played the games available in a free casino and they are confident that they win on a consistent basis, they try their hands on the paid section of the same. This is exactly what the owner of a free casino wants the visitors to their site to do.

As the title says is free casinos really free and the answer is yes they are but you do have to follow a few rules on your play. You need to just stick to the games allowed which is normally slots and keno but table games are off limits. You also need to wager the credits a certain amount of time before they will let you cash out wins. Following these rules will make things go smooth when you submit your request for withdrawing funds.